ESCRS / ESONT Milan | Sustainable Ophthalmology

I was invited to set up a course about sustainable ophthalmology together with Sjoerd Elferink for the ESONT (European Society of Ophthalmic nurses & Technicians).
Sustainability was a major focus this weekend at the ESCRS (European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons) in Milan. At the opening ceremony Oliver Findl spent a lot of time on this subject followed by Sjoerd Elferink, he was giving an heart-whole speech. Furthermore there were multiple sessions and presentations on the subject.
The Dutch Taskforce of sustainability (PGDO) was represented with multiple presentations. We changed useful facts, practical skills and best practices in sustainability. It was a great recognition that we all indicated the same facts, problems and advices and to learn from David Chang’s presentation “Reducing OR waste in ophthalmology” and “Lessons from Aravind” presented by Cathleen McCabe. The Aravind Eye Hospital in India is inspiring in how to set up a responsabele safe and green practice / circular society.
The club of green pioneers in ophthalmology is growing and is getting more attention. So spread the word, it al happens this weekend and today.
The urge to change healthcare is alive. ♻️💚🌱