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    Ice Cold


    Plastic Yrsa

    Plastic Yrsa The drudgery of her job is to unpack several disposables. Repetitive. Thoughtless. Rhythmic. Endless. All day. And when the device is unpacked, sterile packages start their journey of disposal. Thousands of useless packages. Or, they end up with me and contribute to my art projects. Plastic Yrsa is a portrait created by medical packages…

    White Pack

  • Plastic Rubble

  • Robo Rose

  • Hole Wood

    Hole Wood It is the eiboslens that brings us to the hart of the eye.  The lens generates the required focus on the macula to recover it’s macular hole, with the aim of bringing back sharpness into the eye. Just a few minutes hall of fame for this lens before it starts its journey of…