About Me.

No more waste! I turn waste into visual art.


I started my career in healthcare as a scrub nurse, specialism expert and team supervisor. I have been employed in several hospitals and clinics. The past years I have continued my clinical activities as a self-employed scrub nurse in the field of ophthalmology | cataract surgery | refractive surgery in several ophthalmic clinics.

In addition to my work as an ophthalmic surgery assistant, I achieved my Bachelor design in 2012 as an interior architect at the HKU. Since then, in addition to my clinical work, I am a mood maker in interior, image, sound, light and colour. It is my ambition to integrate a pleasant climate for users into a functional healthcare environment and to point the importance of emotional factors in a predominantly technological environment.

Colleagues described me as a designer with a strong autonomous character. Subjects such as healthcare and environment are important to me, and they have my attention both as a surgery assistant and as an interior architect. For example, I turn plastic waste from the operating room into visual art. A statement by which I stimulate a sustainable vision for clinics I work with. I am innovative, creative and modern and solver of (design) issues. Disposables are still valuable after use and deserve a second, redesigned life. Sometimes my design is created on the spot.

Currently I am creating a art project “Footprint in Phacoland”, a project to create awareness of the use and waste of unnecessary disposables
In order, I create a product / sculpture / photo collage or other work from your waste, to use it as a environmental statement.

#design #organic #health #healthcare #sustainability #environment